The ITS Blue Zone Foundation was born from the desire to preserve, enhance and promote the distinctive and attractive elements of the Blue Zone areas in a transversal perspective, including all identity assets.

To achieve this desire, the Foundation will collaborate with public and private entities to build a system that can train professionals capable of exploiting and applying technological potentialities in favor of environmental protection and sustainable development of the territory.

What is the reference sector of the ITS Blue Zone foundation?

The ITS Blue Zone Foundation refers to the sustainability sector, in every aspect.

Sustainable development is the sort of economic development that puts the protection of the environment, the territory and all that these two components entail, and implies the ability to be able to live ensuring a fair and dignified life for all. The Blue Zones represent the reference model par excellence in which it is possible to learn, train and renovate by staying in close contact with the topics of interest.


Gian Battista Usai 


Costantino Tidu

Board of Directors

  • Gian Battista Usai
  • Costantino Tidu
  • Agostino Cicalò
  • Raimondo Schiavone
  • Graziano di Paola

Scientific Committee

Graziano di Paola
President of the Scientific Committee

  • Fabrizio Mureddu
    Nuorese University Consortium
  • Fabrizia Sanna
    Province of Nuoro
  • Giovanni Pirisi
    General Secretary of the Nuoro Chamber of Commerce
  • Anthony Muroni
  • Francesco Pasquale Murgia
    Ipsar Tortolì
  • Vitale Pili
    Mayor of Elini
  • Nicola Patrizi
  • Alessandro Franco
  • Vincenzo Filetti
    President of the 3040 Association
  • Chris Burry
    Founder & CEO – USMAC (USA)
  • Alberto Onetti
    Chairman Mind the Bridge (USA)
  • Jeff Reid
    Founding Director, Georgetown University Entrepreneurship Initiative, Washington D.C. (USA)
  • Cosimo Del Vecchio
    Oversea manager PLD Art investment & financial consultants, Shenzen (Cina)

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