The term Blue Zone is used to identify a specific geographical area where the quality and life expectancy is decidedly higher than the rest of the planet.

Every year these areas represent the starting point for carrying out numerous and important studies in different disciplinary fields.
The territory of these areas is characterized by the presence of good living practices which, when combined, create the perfect definition of “sustainable”.
Sustainability is reflected in all areas of the life of the inhabitants of the Blue Zones: environment, life, nutrition and sociality. The perfect harmony between all these factors makes the life of the inhabitants of the Blue Zones unique and long-lasting.

Over the years, five Blue Zones have been identified around the world: Ogliastra in Sardinia, Okinawa in Japan, Nicoya in Costa Rica, Icaria in Greece and Loma Linda in California.

The 5 Blue Zones in the world

Ogliastra, SARDINIA

Sardinia is the only Italian region to host one of the five Blue Zones within this beautiful island.

Ikaria, GRECIA

The island of Ikaria is part of Greece and is located in the central-eastern Aegean Sea. Like all of Greece, Icaria is also a place rich in history.

Okinawa, JAPAN

This blue zone is famous for enjoying the longest disability-free life expectancy in the world, so much so that in the Japanese legends it is called “The land of the immortals”.


The city has been the national epicenter of health and wellness research for decades.


The inhabitants of the area are said to have an extremely positive outlook on life and this would help the elderly to live longer.

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