Thanks to crowdfunding you can contribute as a company to the realization of the services offered by the ITS Blue Zone Foundation.

A company, an association, a public or private body that adheres to the project promoted by the ITS Blue Zone Foundation increases its reputation and is called to play a role of dialogue and connection with local communities around identity, cultural elements, traditional, natural that focus on the enhancement of typical products, on healthy food and a healthy environment.


In the headquarters of the Convitto, at the headquarters of the Agricultural Institute of Tortolì, there is an exclusive accommodation facility capable of welcoming guests from all over the world. 16 places, 2 single and 7 double rooms, each named after a female figure who made Sardinia famous, equipped with every kind of comfort with exclusive furnishings and innovative technological equipment.

Each room will have a different color, thus recalling the chromatic suggestions of the island. The campus is connected to the accommodation network of an area capable of offering visitors accommodation for every need, from a simple accommodation room to a 5-star hotel with exclusive services.

The campus is located in Loc. S. Giovanni – SS 125 Km 138 – at the Tortolì exit towards Barisardo.


Multifunctional room with 100 seats with large screen, projector, blackboard with sheets, chairs with flap, audio system with speakers and microphones, wired and (on request) with headband, free speed wifi and parking spaces.

Organization of conferences, congresses, meetings, seminars, training courses, business meetings, team building.

A quick and reliable system allows you to book the room for the required meeting, including for carrying out activities in the preparatory phase. The structure offers, by virtue of the presence of specialized personnel, all the services for an optimal organization aimed at the success of the event: secretariat, audio and video service, hostesses and communication activities. We also provide coffee break, break meeting, restaurant and catering services.


A unique location where you can create commercials and photo shoots on the themes of longevity, research, innovation, agri-food production and the promotion of the territory.

ITS Blue Zone provides its internal and external spaces and a professional crew made up of videomakers, photographers, sound director and director to carry out communication campaigns and ensure greater penetration of companies and their products in the national and international market. Very high specialization in the creation of emotional videos and food photo shoots.


Being a partner or member of the ITS Blue Zone Foundation means joining a network of public and private entities, national and foreign, which promote not only one of the 5 world areas with the highest percentage of centenarians but also the dissemination of culture, measures for economic development and active labor policies.

In particular, ITS Blue Zone operates on the tourism supply chains of cultural activities and heritage with the aim of strengthening the processes of integration and connection between the various local operators, to enhance the distinctive and attractive elements of the territory, favoring the promotion of the territory in a transversal perspective, including all the identity assets of Sardinia, starting with those of the Blue Zone area.


Inside the farm, there is the laboratory of taste, equipped with innovative and cutting-edge machinery for the transformation of the products of the earth and the creation of jams, compotes, sauces, creams, honey, pickles, pickles.

In the laboratory, under the guidance of experts, dairy products can also be transformed and derivatives created to be offered both for long-term and fresh storage.


A dining room with 30 seats ideal for tastings and tastings of local products.

A place of taste and experimentation in the kitchen, it is designed to illustrate innovative gastronomic paths inspired by longevity and healthy, zero-kilometer foods in the presence of experts, critics, cooks and journalists specialized in food and beverage.

The restaurant is particularly suitable for companies that want to offer their products to be included in exclusive menus characterized by innovation in all phases, from cultivation and production, to the preparation of the dishes and the tools used. Also perfect for wine, beer and olive oil sommelier courses.


A room of about 150 seats, suitable for receptions, celebrations, banquets and also for simple catering connected to conference events.

At the weekend, thanks to the connection with the adjoining farm, the room also becomes a farmhouse that offers typical menus of the area with zero-kilometer products grown with sustainable and innovative techniques. The farm also has an outdoor area where you can eat.


An open kitchen that appears to the visitor as an island – stage where you can admire the preparation of the dishes.

Functional and innovative in every part, from the utensils used to the ovens, it is highly scenographic and allows the chefs who take turns to give their best in front of their public.

Ideal for show cooking – television, corporate or simply demonstration – the kitchen is placed in front of a series of open counters with 24 seats where the public, the participants of a competition, a training course or an audience selected for individual events that have the kitchen as the absolute protagonist

An exclusive space suitable for all types of formats and needs:

  • entertainment,
  • show,
  • TV show,
  • update paths,
  • classroom for the preparation of dishes,
  • training for cooks and aspiring chefs.  

An exclusive service offered in particular to Italian and foreign manufacturing companies is the quality test of agri-food products.

ITS Blue Zone organizes in its spaces tests on sensory and taste characteristics with the presence of expert tasters called to carry out functional analyzes to put on the market products whose qualities can be significantly relevant in terms of healthiness and longevity.

ITS Blue Zone has several groups of qualified tasters (panels) with specific preparation on the most relevant agricultural products (meat, fruit and vegetables, honey, cheese, dairy products, wine, olive oil).

One of their main tasks is to delineate the so-called sensory profiles of products by means of descriptive tests.

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