The ITS Blue Zone Foundation promotes the development of sustainable tourism.

Tourist activity is always growing and has undergone a great transformation over the years. In order to adapt to this change, companies have revolutionized their way of operating on the tourism market.

This has led to the search for professionals able to apply new technologies in favor of the economic sector by promoting, enhancing and protecting the territory.

Through the ITS courses, the Foundation offers dynamic and innovative training that aims to acquire the skills and competences most requested by companies in the tourism sector.


The ITS Foundation wants to create an international network, uniting all the Blue Zones around the world under a single large institution. The Foundation currently collaborates with:

  • Open laboratories of Emilia-Romagna
  • GATE Galileo Aggregator for Technology and Enterprise of Pisa
  • Georgetown University, Washington USA
  • Italian-Chinese center of Shenzhen, China

Having a network of national and international collaborators makes the ITS Blue Zone Foundation an innovative and cutting-edge entity, ready to learn, share and exchange knowledge with companies from all over the world.

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